Medium Power Transformer Tanks

The transformer tanks manufactured by TSY Energy are reliable and robust products manufactured to provide excellent asset for your transformers. These tanks are meticulously manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance in your applications. With our production capabilities and quality tracking systems, the transformer tanks from TSY Energy offer high quality tanks with on-time delivery. These tanks comply with industry standards and are well-suited for power distribution systems, renewable energy projects, and infrastructure applications where dependable transformer housing is crucial.

  • Between 5 tons to 15 tons
  • Top or Side Mounted Bushing arrangement
  • Below 72 kV level
  • In-tank or external OLTC located
  • S235, S355, S355NL, SS304, SS316 materials
  • Low Degree Suitable Tanks <-30°C
  • Separate cooling piping
  • Welded or Bolted Shunt Application